Hello ... I'm Michael Morris,

I have built a very loyal following of satisfied home buyers and sellers just like you as well as their agents and bankers.  Here just a few of the reasons ... 


  • my practice is focused on residential real estate and the legal needs of  homeowners
  • we go the extra mile for all our clients but make
  • doubly sure that first‑time home buyers understand the process and their rights and duties under the agreement of purchase and sale
  • we understand that you may have doubts and questions and we are always willing to take your call to address them
  • clients receive all the hand‑holding they need
  • we strive to close your deal by solving problems (we make it our mission to manage risk on your behalf)
  • we team with your real estate agent and mortgage lender to head off problems  
  • we quote flat rates so clients don't experience money surprises as the closing approaches. 
  • we make every effort to maximize client convenience & accommodate your work schedule  
  • approach is friendly and personal and I sit you on the couch in my office and review the full transaction with you before it closes
  • we keep you in the loop and explain ... explain ... explain so you will understand every detail of your transaction
  • we schedule evening appointments when necessary to match client work schedules.
  • we tell you at the beginning how the transaction will unfold so you avoid surprises
  • use of title insurance reduces your costs, shortens turnaround times and gives you title protection for as long as you own the property
  • I have over 34 years of experience in real estate law and so does my conveyancer/assistant, Cheryl